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Our Florida online t shirt company specializes in unique original graphic designs. We feature funny sayings shirts, funny political t shirts, patriotic shirts, Christian shirts, Florida t shirts, Key West Florida shirts, retro style graphics, and coastal shirts. We love our country, our Flag, our Creator, and our great state of Florida. Please explore our site. We are always adding new inspirational shirts so stop by often. 

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The unique t shirts we design feature our faith in God, respect for our country, and our love of nature – particularly the coastal lifestyle and our home state of Florida. We are two sisters who grew up in south Florida. Our weekends were spent on our family boat fishing the gulf stream waters. It was there we developed our reverence and respect for the ocean. We made trips to the Florida Keys and Bimini to fish and scuba dive.  We were fortunate to have a maverick father spearhead these trips,  navigating using only paper charts and a compass. He taught us how to deploy outriggers, troll for dolphin, and most importantly, how to dock the boat. The waters off the coast of south Florida and the Florida Keys have a barrier reef and were brilliantly clear and filled with large colorful corals and an abundance of fish. Even as kids, we knew we were part of something special and unique. We formed to reflect our respect, admiration, and love for God, our great USA Flag, and our coastal waters.  Our shop seeks to highlight each design concept with either a bold or subtle statement using the design itself or a word or two to provide the sentiment. As we all know in life - its the details that matter. Come visit our collection at

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Beach Shirts, Florida T Shirts, Patriotic USA Flag Shirts, Christian Shirts, Funny Sarcastic Political Sayings Shirts are all found at

St. Petersburg, Florida

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