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Political funny shirts and Yellowstone shirts from our salty St Pete beach studio

Updated: Apr 6, 2022


funny political sayings sarcastic shirts

Welcome to ballyhoogirls!

Just wanted to give you an update from St Pete Beach for cool and unique t shirts. While we focus on patriotic t shirts, we sometimes go off script in our creations. We made four new innovative designs and would like to present them. The first shirt we designed was inspired by the pure beauty and majesty of our many hikes out in the pristine Montana mountains the second shirt is inspired by a child’s innocent question. The third and fourth shirts follow a similar line of sarcastic humor of the second shirt. For the first shirt, we wish to remind you that Yellowstone was popular before the hit series featuring the Dutton family with Rip, Beth, and John, who made it a household name. Yellowstone National park has endless trails, magnificent vistas, and so many opportunities to see large game in their natural habitat. Truly breathtaking. An outdoor lovers or adventure lovers’ paradise. Our Yellowstone Ranch Shirt was inspired by looking at the large gate you enter from the western side of the park. The western gate looks like an entrance to a sprawling ranch compound for cowboys and horses. Cowboy Up is the phrase used for the hard working and tough individual with the no whine attitude. The second shirt is a classic funny political t shirt with a hint of novelty sarcasm. The unisex crewneck t shirt features a smiling and joyful young child wearing a United States of America shirt and waving a patriotic balloon, but the innocent question asked is priceless. Do you think Democraps go to Heaven is a Funny Political T Shirt with the question a parent may be asked by their child and will they ready to answer and what is their answer based on. Kids don’t just accept a yes or no but want to know what the answer is based on, is it believable, and does it follow the morals and principles you teach them. On most subjects, kids are not yet jaded by society and are able to detect when something seems incongruous. Sometimes the kid can teach the parent. We know we have learned a lot along the way of parenthood. The other two shirts were inspired by our new senseless and crushing economy policies, with rising fuel prices and grocery prices on all the staple ingredients. The current formula is not economically sustainable for most Americans in the near or short term. Buying an electric car is not in the budget of 95% of Americans nor is installing the charging station. The first shirt, Make American Gas Again is a spin on the MAGA theme. MAGA could be achieved by reopening the Keystone Pipeline which would lower the cost of fuel by 50%. Washington think tanks may purport that our cars run better on imported Russian fuel, but ours ran exceptionally well on old fashioned Texas crude and we would like to take our chances and buy American fuel again and help renew and strengthen our economy. This is America, the greatest country on earth, why are we settling for imported oil shipped across thousands of miles of ocean (that must create some degree of global warming or is only beef cattle that are the offenders) when we could simply tap into our own natural bounty in our backyard and remain energy independent. The second shirt is our version of the loud guttural chant Lets Go Brandon and echoes the sentiment felt by many Americans as we all go deeper in debt as we are fed conscious lies in the media. We are ready for some hope and change like those promised by others but only kept by #45. Wear your shirts with American Pride and do your best to support the small businesses in the USA. Check us out at for unique patriotic shirts.


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